About Us

We like to think of our TWEENS and TEEN girls audience as the warriors of the future…a future that requires inquisitive, pensive, empowered and inventive minds, strong and able to make of themselves whatever they set their minds to be…and with a true sense of the essential things in life: respect for oneself and the believes of others, love of family and deep friendship bonds. We also think that whatever we choose to give our life to, we can always find a way to pay it forward or combine it with give back attitude.  We think you know that we ALL have something of value we can lend to the community and that the collective of small gestures, DOES makes up for a better world as a whole.  In a sense, that’s our COOL ANGEL!

So, if that’s you today or who you aim to be, then….KEEP HALCYON, WE ARE HERE TO INSPIRE YOU!

Yes, “halcyon” does mean “Calm, Peaceful”.  As part of some of our website item descriptions as well as within our social media platforms pots on Facebook (@CoolAngelCo) and Instagram (@CoolAngelCo2018), you’ll see we like to SURPRISE YOU with fun and interesting references to language, grammar, history, art, poetry, literature…you name it! ... little tidbits of knowledge that may inspire you to continue to discover and learn more about the world around us and the very many and wonderful contributions men and women alike have made to this world, so that you may go on to THINK BIG, THINK CREATIVELY to contribute to the world in your own very special way!

We value friendship and are very much inspired by BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! We know that BBFs are those special spirits that life surprises us with that may be long lasting and present in our lives for years to come or even short time bonds of friendship that are interrupted by life’s circumstances,  but that shall inspire us forever. That’s why we dedicate a special catalogue just for BFF Gifts…little somethings that Cool Angel Co. knows could put a smile in a BFF’s loving face, turn their day around, let them know how much they mean to us…and we aim to make them affordable and as the rest of our items, always FREE SHIPPING to our 50 US states/District of Columbia current Cool Angel Co. audience.  

On that note, since we do aim for FREE SHIPPING on all our items to our current Cool Angel Co. audience of 50 US States/DC*, we do have a longer waiting period for item arrival: Some may take 1-2 weeks and most will take 2-4 weeks…and that’s ok. Each item will let you know what the delivery time for the particular item shall be. My BBFs and I like to get little gifts for each other, year round,  both for planned events like Birthdays and Holidays, as well as for those non-planned moments in life like, A Back-to-School-Don’t Procrastinate-and-Get-With-the Program-Days, A Hope-You- Feel- Better Day, the Just-Wanted-to-Remind-You-I-love-You-Cheer-Up-Days, and the You-are-not-alone-in-this Days, to name a few…SO WE PLAN AHEAD …we always have something in stock ahead of time because you never know when a friend may need that pick me up loving care moment.  We like to think of it as a little planning ahead, goes a long way quality of spirit.  I can hear my mom’s voice in my head: A little planning today, will get you miles ahead later!  So do plan ahead and make of FREE SHIPPING your best friend!

By the way, the word “halcyon” has a very interesting legend behind it. You may want to look it up on your own and learn something fun today. Are you inquisitive? Then jump on a search engine, learn about it and come back to us! We’ll always be here to continue to INSPIRE YOU!


*Future plans: We aim to include US territories in our audience going forward and are diligently working with our manufacturers and suppliers to make this happen on equal or similar footing as the US mainland. We are currently unable to expand sales to US territories without exposing purchasers to shipping fees--- and that’s not our thing—or longer item arrival wait, which we’d rather avoid. So we promise to continue to search for avenues to open our site offer on similar footing to purchases by US territories’ residents, in the near future.