The upcoming 2020 Spring-Summer Fashion Season is ALL ABOUT ACCENTUATING!

To “Accentuate” means to draw attention to or make someone or something more prominent, more noticeable. In short, to place an ACCENT on something.  This Spring-Summer 2020 is full of concentrated energy….energy that’s directed to highlight any given feature:  The ankles will be the queen of the ball with a gorgeous array of wrapped or laced-up sandals to choose from.  Torsos will be celebrated with gathers and ruching.  Arms will be called into action with prominent puffed sleeves and necklines and shoulders with playful ruffles. The waist, hips and the upper torso will be highlighted with drawstring cinches. The eye will be drawn in by embroidery, mesh and sheer fabrics that highlight the colors and shapes of the layers you choose to wear underneath; and eye-catching bold and oversized prints will make a splash and compete amongst each other….and then, who can avoid staring at metallic?! 

Girl, if all these eye catching features were not enough, then you have COLORS, an explosion of colors to pick and choose from: Go bold with Flame Red, Hot Bubblegum Pink, Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue, Saffron-Orange Yellow or Go classic with Minty Aqua Green, Sky Blue / Faded Blue hues, Coral Pink- Ballet Pink, Orange Sherbet, Mellow Yellow, Whites & Beige neutrals.

You are always in control and therefore YOU choose what to highlight and how, all in good taste so REMEMBER the 7-item rule (check out prior blog) still holds true, and the larger and prominent the ACCENT you choose to sport, the tamer you’ll need to go on other pieces and accessories to balance out the look!

One thing is is for sure, Spring – Summer 2020 fashion promises to be very playful, adventurous, full of new energy…quite a perfect start to kick off a brand new decade!  So let’s go shopping and learn a lesson or two, while we do!   Don’t forget to hit the books, treasure family and friends, stay focused, stay “YOU”.